GAF Energy’s Solar Energy Shingle Product

American Manufacturer Introduces World’s ‘1st’ Nailable Solar Shingle

GAF Energy’s Solar Energy Shingle Product

GAF Energy claims its Timberline Solar as the only roof system to directly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes and materials. (Photo Credit: GAF Energy)

  • GAF Energy has launched a new solar shingle roofing product called Timberline Solar Energy Shingle
  • It only requires a nail gun to deploy making it the world’s ‘1st’ nailable solar shingle
  • Management claims for the new product to be lightweight, durable and powerful, generating electricity, excess of which can be fed into the grid
  • Product can withstand up to 130 mph winds and has water-shedding properties

Building integrated PV (BIPV) manufacturer GAF Energy claims to have created a game changer solar roofing product that makes solar roofs ‘real and commonplace’. Timberline Solar Energy Shingle is also touted by the management as the world’s ‘1st’ nailable solar shingle.

Drawing a comparison with its competitors ‘from Dow to Tesla’, GAF Energy says it has created a product platform that ‘goes down like a dream’ on the roofing deck. It is lightweight, durable and powerful, according to the company’s engineers and requires only a nail gun to be placed along with the usual roofing crews and supplies.

These are not made of solar panels or heavy tiles, but made of shingles that can withstand up to 130 mph winds and have water-shedding properties. These can generate electricity and feed excess into the grid under net metering.

Regular rooftop solar installation requires several drills to be made into the roof membrane, any resulting damage related to which is not typically covered by roof warranties, hence an integrated shingle solution works, according to the management.

Currently, the product is available in select markets but will be launched in other markets rapidly. The company that shifted its integrated solar roof production operations in May 2021 from Asia to San Jose, California in May 2021 to deliver America made products, it touts the American made credentials for Timberline Solar loud and clear (see GAF Energy To Shift Solar Roof Manufacturing To US).

The management said the new product has also secured UL 7103 certification, and won awards including Best of Innovation in Smart Cities at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), of the Consumer Technology Association.

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