New UT Series String Inverter Model From GoodWe

GoodWe Recently Added New UT Series Inverter Into Their Utility Portfolio
  • GoodWe launches new UT series string inverter of 325 and 350kW capacities suitable for utility projects
  • The new UT series inverters have multi channel MPPT, in-built PID kit, dynamic reactive power compensation feature
  • They are also stable in weak grid conditions

GoodWe, the world's leading PV inverter manufacturer and smart energy solutions provider listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390)recently launched its new 3-phase 1,500 V utility string inverter, the UT (320/350 kW). The new UT series inverters are suitable for Large-Scale utility solar projects to realize low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

This new inverter's multi-channel MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) configurations, 12 and 15 MPPT, utilize maximum available solar irradiation and minimize losses, resulting in a maximum efficiency of 99.01%. The high maximum string current capacity of 15/20A per MPPT channel and in-built anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation) feature make the new UT series inverters compatible with high capacity bifacial modules in hot and humid environments. The high ingress protection (IP66) and anti-corrosion class (C5) make these inverters suitable for harsh polluted outdoor field conditions.

The new UT series inverter's in-built dynamic reactive power compensation feature and compatibility with low SCR (short circuit current ratio) power system make the utility solar plant stable even in weak grid synchronization conditions. This inverter is compatible with GoodWe's MV Station (MVS) system and advanced communication systems like SCU3000 series enabling seamless power transmission , data acquisition and transmission within the power plant. Configuring the inverter with GoodWe's station-level remote monitoring platform, known as SolarOS, helps in comprehensive O&M of the system.

"With the introduction of the UT inverter, we have fortified our ability to meet the diverse requirements of EPCs, power plant developers and investors, assuring them a secure return on investment. Looking forward, GoodWe remains committed to advancing technological innovation, bringing a more bankable product portfolio and turnkey solutions for large-scale solar projects." said Ron Shen, Vice President of GoodWe.

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