Indian Module Maker Launches New M10 Solar Modules

Gautam Solar Expands G2X Module Series With A New 450 W Module With Bigger M10 Cells For Rooftop Solar Segment

Indian Module Maker Launches New M10 Solar Modules

Eying the slowly growing rooftop solar segment of India, Gautam Solar says its new G2X modules help bring down mounting structure costs. (Photo Credit: Gautam Solar)

  • Gautam Solar has expanded its G2X solar module series with the addition of a 450W panel
  • Built using bigger size M10 modules, the new modules use 120 half-cut PERC monocrystalline silicon technology
  • It is offering the modules in both monofacial and bifacial variants with a power per unit area of 206.4W/m²

Solar module producer Gautam Solar from India has launched a new high efficiency and high-performance solar module using M10 cells with a power output of 450 W and up to 21.28% efficiency, targeting rooftop solar installations.

Part of its G2X solar module series, the new panel has a dimension of 1,923mm x 1,134mm x 35 mm. It offers a power per unit area of 206.4 W/m². The new product uses multi-busbar (MBB) technology for reduced internal resistance losses and round ribbons that help in better utilization of light.

It uses both monofacial and bifacial cells for the 2 variants, using 120 half-cut PERC monocrystalline silicon technology.

Listed on the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the manufacturer says the new variants are lightweight hence can be installed easily with reduced mounting structure costs as these require only 2 purlins to be fixed on to the roof.

“The modules will specifically be ideal for rooftop solar power projects which is the market with the biggest growth potential, especially for a country like India. The modules will significantly benefit rooftop Solar Developers and Solar System Integrators (EPCs),” said Director of Gautam Solar Private Limited, Gautam Mohanka.

Gautam Solar’s current installed annual production capacity is 400 MW, located in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar, that it aims to expand to 1 GW in the near future.

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