Indian Solar Module Manufacturer Secures Patent

Gautam Solar Gets IP Rights For ‘Innovative Tool’; Says It Improves Accuracy In Solar Panel Production
Gautam Solar says its bussing tool is ground-breaking for India’s solar R&D efforts. (Photo Credit: Gautam Solar)
Gautam Solar says its bussing tool is ground-breaking for India’s solar R&D efforts. (Photo Credit: Gautam Solar)
  • Gautam Solar has announced a Government of India patent for its new bussing tool  
  • It claims this tool can significantly improve accuracy in solar panel manufacturing, while reducing chances of human errors  
  • A thermocouple probe helps with precise temperature control to ensure even thermal energy distribution  

Indian solar module manufacturer Gautam Solar has secured a new intellectual property (IP) for a tool designed in-house for bussing process of solar panel. It has been granted the patent by The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, from the Government of India.   

Bussing as a process in general helps connect the cell strings to form matrix. The company claims this tool can minimize human errors and significantly improve accuracy in solar panel production process, thereby reducing manual work by over 50%.  

"Operating seamlessly within a temperature range of 300°C to 450°C, it provides precise control for soldering in harmony with solar panel assembly requirements," explained the manufacturer. "In addition, this tool boasts a unique junction configuration that ensures even thermal energy distribution, reducing stress on solar cells. It features a thermocouple probe for precise temperature control." 

According to the company the patented tool can help double solar panel production capacity at a fraction of the cost of an automatic machine. It minimizes warpage, breakage and thermal stress in solar cells, thus improving the panel's working life.  

Calling it a great development for the entire industry that can 'revolutionize' the entire solar module manufacturing industry, Gautam Solar CEO Gautam Mohanka said, "Solar Module Manufacturing ecosystem is largely dependent on China for procurement of machines and equipments and the investment in R&D in India is not nearly enough. Taken in that context, this innovation is all the more ground-breaking. It exemplifies our mission to create sustainable and high-quality solutions for the global solar energy sector."  

Gautam Solar recently announced plans to invest in a module manufacturing fab in the US with 1 GW annual installed capacity (see Day 1 Highlights From RE+ 2023 At Las Vegas).  

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