India’s ‘Largest’ Roof-Integrated Solar System

Ornate Solar Commissions 530 kW Indigenously Developed InRoof Solar System For Pangaea

India’s ‘Largest’ Roof-Integrated Solar System

Ornate Solar says its InRoof solar system (in the picture) can be used for industrial factories, solar and non-solar parking lots, facades, and the like. It also plans to launch residential segment specific product for the Indian market by December 2022. (Photo Credit: Ornate Solar)

  • Ornate Solar has energized a building integrated rooftop PV system with 530 kW capacity, claiming it to be the largest such structure in India
  • The system comprises Enphase Energy’s microinverters and Canadian Solar’s mono-PERC solar panels
  • The client Pangaea Natural Stone said this saved 124,968 kg of carbon emissions which would have otherwise been emitted to produce a steel roof

Solar panel and inverter supplier Ornate Solar has commissioned what it claims to be the ‘largest’ building integrated rooftop PV system in India with 530 kW system size, for Pangaea Natural Stone in Rajasthan, using Enphase Energy Inverters & Canadian Solar modules.

Specifically, the InRoof system has come up on Pangaea’s newly constructed 35,000 sq. ft. production facility in Rajasthan’s Bagru town, and is powered by Enphase Energy’s MLPE micro inverters along with 1,175 Canadian Solar high-efficiency mono-PERC solar panels.

It is also the industry’s ‘1st’ universal structural solution to integrate panels of any shape and size to replace conventional metal roofs, according to Ornate.

Canadian natural stone manufacturer Pangaea says the system brings down carbon emissions by 124,968 kg which would have otherwise been emitted in the production of the steel roof.

The indigenously developed InRoof system has been designed, engineering and manufactured in India and developed by the company’s engineering team. Before commercial deployment could be carried out, the team tested the product for 18 months.

The structure, explained Ornate, comprises a special-purpose roll formed continuous (SRFC) sections made from a high-strength steel alloy that’s resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It also has an anodized aluminum profile to provide a 2-layer protection against water ingress and distribute static loads of the PV panels across the building purlins.

Ornate counts the possible installation targets for InRoof systems as solar parking lots, canopies or facades or even existing parking spaces and sheds, apart from industrial factories.

The company is currently developing a plug and play version of the InRoof system for premium residential households to capture terraces, verandas and balconies and is investing into manufacturing of required components at their production facility in New Delhi. Commercial operations for the Indian market are planned for December 2022.

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