Invisible Ribbon from Ulbrich

Black Ribbon From Ulbrich Nicely Blends Into All Black Module Giving A Stunning Appearance, While The Company Also Promotes High Reflective Ribbons For Performance Boost

Invisible Ribbon from Ulbrich

A black ribbon: Ulbrich has developed an innovative black ribbon that is highly suited for use with black solar panels, turning them into truly all-black solar modules.(Source: TaiyangNews)

  • BRR known as Black Ready Ribbon/Wire, a black ribbon that when used in interconnection cells in black module give a stunning uniform all black appearance
  • RRR is a reflective ribbon coated with special diffuse reflecting flux that reflects the incident light back on to the module surface that boosts the module power up to 0.8%
  • Both PV ribbons from the company eliminates liquid flux during the cell stringing process which lowers the cost.

Austrian PV ribbons maker Ulbrich presented two of its latest power-enhancing and specialty solar ribbon developments – BRR and RRR — at the Intersolar trade fair. While the former enhances aesthetics, the latter helps in boosting module power.

BRR (Black Ready Ribbon/Wire) is suited for use in completely black solar panels. BRR is designed to blend with the color of a Solar Cell after the stringing process. This improves the aesthetics of PV modules for building and rooftop integration without the need for additional difficult and costly covering or painting operations. BRR is covered with a thin homogenous layer of a unique halogen and halide-free Alpha CRR-BK flux based on ALPHA’s PV Ready Ribbon technology.

This eliminates the need for liquid flux in an automated cell stringing process and enables a plug and- play process integration. Liquid flux elimination simplifies the process and eliminates all expenses incurred in procuring it. RRR is Ulbrich’s brand new, plug-and-play, power enhancing solution for multi-busbar-based cell interconnection process in module making. These special wires are coated with special diffuse reflecting flux that reflects the incident light back on to the module surface, which according to Ulbrich results in a power boost of up to 0.8%. RRR also removes the need for liquid flux during the cell stringing process.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.

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