JinkoSolar Releases New Modules Under Tiger Neo Family

JinkoSolar Expands Tiger Neo Solar Modules Introducing 3 New N-Type TOPCon Products With Up To 23.23% Efficiency

JinkoSolar Releases New Modules Under Tiger Neo Family

JinkoSolar will share more about its upgraded Tiger Neo modules on January 31, 2023 during TaiyangNews Solar Module Innovations 2023 virtual conference. (Photo Credit: JinkoSolar)

  • JinkoSolar has expanded its Tiger Neo solar module family with the addition of 3 new variants
  • Based on 182mm wafer sized cells, these are n-type TOPCon panels with up to 85% bifacial factor
  • The 3 variants have a module power efficiency of up to 22.27%, 23.23% and 22.72% for 445W, 615W, and 635W variants, respectively

Chinese solar PV manufacturer JinkoSolar has launched 3 new n-type TOPCon solar modules, all based on 182 mm wafer sized cells, under its Tiger Neo product range with a maximum efficiency of up to 23.23% and 615 W power output.

Of the three new modules, those with 445 W power output and 54-cell design module efficiency can go up to 22.27%. For 615 W panels with 72-cell design, efficiency is available up to 23.23%, and for 635 W modules having 78-cell arrangement a maximum module efficiency of up to 22.72% can be achieved.

The new range of panels offer a maximum bifacial factor of 85% enabling 15% to 20% more power generation compared to conventional bifacial panels, along with an optimized temperature co-efficiency of -0.29%/℃, according to JinkoSolar.

JinkoSolar’s CMO Gener Miao said the company is providing 15-year product and 30-year performance warranty for the new Tiger Neo panels that are designed to be compatible with most mainstream inverter brands. “We are once again raising the standard of N-type performance with the latest generation of our Tiger Neo panels, which deliver better system performance – even through the most demanding conditions,” said Miao. “This panel, combined with an industry-leading N-type partner ecosystem and new solutions like ESS, will show what’s truly possible with the solar PV experience going forward.”

JinkoSolar’s Product Manager Leo Cong will talk in-depth about these new panels during TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Module Innovations 2023 Looking Back and Forth on January 31, 2023 where leading stakeholders will discuss the latest module developments of 2022 and take a look at what to expect in 2023. Registrations to the event are free and can be done here.

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