• China’s Jolywood says it has achieved 23.5% mass production power conversion efficiency for bifacial solar cell
  • It used N-TOPCon 158 sq. silicon wafers for the purpose, optimizing boron expansion process and redesigned the matching metallization process
  • According to the company, this is a new record for N-type cell mass production efficiency

Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer Jolywood has reported achieving 23.5% mass production power conversion efficiency for its N-TOPCon high efficiency bifacial solar cell. The company says this efficiency is an increase of 0.3% absolute compared to the 23.2% efficiency level it managed for the front-side of its n-PERT solar cells with over 80% bifaciality last year with Belgian solar research institute imec.

Back then, they had set the goal of achieving 23.5% with more than 90% bifaciality (see 23.2% Efficiency For Bifacial N-PERT Solar Cells).

For the 23.5% efficiency, Jolywood says it used N-type 158 mm silicon wafers optimizing the boron diffusion process and redesigned the metallization process to achieve the result. Effective output has increased by 35% compared to last year.

Jolywood says with this conversion efficiency, it has set a ‘new record for mass production N-type cell efficiency’.