Long Antai Tracker For Large Modules

Antai Solar’s Latest 1P Tracker With Its 0.25 KM Length Is Mainly Designed For Larger Mainstream Module Formats

Long Antai Tracker For Large Modules

A quarter of a kilometer: The latest 1P tracker from Hantai has a maximum length of 240 m and is compatible with mainstream large-format modules. (Source: TaiyangNews)

  • TAI-Space, a single axis 1P tracker from Antaisolar, can accommodate 5 strings and has a maximum length of 240 meters
  • The tracker is based on brushless direct current motor (BLDC) adapts to various weather conditions and also increases 10% power generation
  • By end of 2021, Antaisolar has shipped 19.3 GW to various markets in Japan Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Chile.

Antaisolar trackers include its latest 1P multiple slewdrive tracker TAI-Space together with the company’s other products including ground and rooftop mounting systems. The company had presented the products during the Intersolar show. TAI-Space is a multiple slew-drive single-axis 1P Tracker. Its high extension capacity — up to five strings — and the ability to accommodate several slew drives make it a good choice for large-scale solar plants on flat terrains. The tracker has a maximum length of 240 m and is compatible with mainstream large-format modules.

The drive-through electric motor synchronously frees it from the transmission bar, and electrical synchronization is simple to install and maintain. The Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC) system has a service life of more than 30 years. According to the tracker supplier, the AI tracking mode uses massive data analysis of weather, terrain, and scattered light conditions, along with the deep machine learning method, to generate the optimized tracking path, which helps increase power generation by 10% compared to conventional tracking. The tracker, which is outfitted with a smart commissioning and cloud monitoring O&M system, allows for remote monitoring by smart phone. The tracker is also compatible with self-cleaning robots. The product is already accredited with a number of international mainstream certifications, including CE, CPP, DNV and Gamcorp.

Antaisolar’s cumulative shipments have reached 19.3 GW as of the end of 2021, with the firm leading the distributed generation market in Japan and Australia, as well as being a prominent brand in other DG regions including Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Chile.

The text is an excerpt from TaiyangNews report on New Solar Products Overview 9M/2022, which can be downloaded for free here.

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