LONGi Expands Hi-MO Series

Leading Chinese Manufacturer Introduces New Module Using Passivated Contacts Technology With 22.5% Efficiency

LONGi Expands Hi-MO Series

LONGi launched its Hi-MO 7 solar module at SNEC 2023 in Shanghai, China. (Photo Credit: LONGi)

  • LONGi has expanded its Hi-MO solar module series with Hi-MO 7 panel launched at SNEC
  • The module is based on M10 wafer sized TOPCon cells with 580W output and 22.5% efficiency
  • It targets to achieve mass production for the new module in H2/2023 and production capacity of 30 GW by 2023-end

One of the world’s largest solar PV manufacturers LONGi has unveiled its latest bifacial solar module Hi-MO 7 based on the company’s HPDC technology at the ongoing annual SNEC 2023 event in China, with a mass production output of 580W and conversion efficiency of 22.5%.

Management targets for the new module to achieve mass production in H2/2023 with a capacity of over 30 GW by year end.

Its latest offering Hi-MO 7 targets the global utility market. This expands its Hi-MO series under which it already caters to the distributed generation segment with Hi-MO 6 (see New Record Efficiency Module With Back Contact Cell From LONGi).

Based on M10 module size, the new module has a dimension of 2,278mm x 1,134mm. HPDC stands for High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell, explains LONGi calling it an improved iteration of the HPC cell technology as it offers better conversion efficiency, power temperature coefficient and higher reliability.

Under HPDC, LONGi has used high and low junctions on backside of the cell with optimized film design and advanced deposition techniques to achieve full-area passivation with minimal parasitic absorption.

On the front side, the cell is applied with a local low-resistance contact layer that boosts cell-efficiency. Both front and back sides have upgraded anti-reflection and low-recombination films and metallization solutions.

The company explained, “With the official release of Hi-MO 7 module, LONGi has formed an excellent product portfolio of “Hi-MO 5+Hi-MO 7” in the market of utility power stations. Hi-MO 5 series, with its mature and reliable power generation performance that consistently exceeds customer expectations, will remain the main product in the utility market for some time to come, while Hi-MO 7 series is preferred for scenarios that require modules with high ground surface reflectivity, elevated ambient temperatures, and limited land availability.”

While LONGi’s Hi-MO5 is based on p-type M10 PERC cells, the Hi-MO6 family uses back contact cell technology, though allegedly p-type, unless the other commercial IBC manufacturers. The new Hi-MO7 panels are incorporating n-type TOPCon cell technology.

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