• An unnamed leading PV manufacturer from China has placed an order for 20 tools of Meyer Burger's WIS-08 system
  • The system was developed by Meyer Burger's German subsidiary Hennecke Systems GmbH
  • WIS-08 is the company’s latest generation of wafer inspection system that comes integrated with transflection technology and InGaAs cameras to inspect wafers
  • Delivery for the systems is scheduled to start in 2018

Swiss PV equipment maker Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has secured the maiden order for its latest generation wafer inspection system from an unnamed leading PV manufacturer from China, which bought 20 WIS-08 systems developed by the Swiss company’s German subsidiary Hennecke Systems GmbH.

Meyer Burger’s wafer inspection system can ensure reliable quality control of solar wafers. Incorporating transflection technology and InGaAs cameras, the WIS-08 platform was launched in Shanghai at the SNEC exhibition in May 2018 (see Meyer Burger: Profitable & More Restructuring). While shortly after SNEC demand for PV production tools collapsed in the solar sector following the announcement of China restructuring its solar program, Meyer Burger has now secured its first order for the tool. The wafer inspection system examines micro-cracks, inclusions, saw marks, defective edges, thickness variation and other parameters of solar silicon wafers.

The tool needs 0.41 seconds per wafer inspection time, resulting in a throughput of 8,000 wafers per hour. It is compatible with both diamond wire and slurry cut wafers. Meyer Burger claims around 80% of all solar wafers globally are inspected by Hennecke systems.

Meyer Burger hasn’t revealed the financial terms of the deal. Delivery of equipment is scheduled to start in 2018.