New Record Efficiency Module With Back Contact Cell From LONGi

LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel With Impressive 22.8% Efficiency Uses Its New Hybrid Passivated Back Contact Cell Technology
LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 module comes in 4 variants namely 72C Explorer, 66C Scientist, 60C Guardian and 54C Artist. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)
LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 module comes in 4 variants namely 72C Explorer, 66C Scientist, 60C Guardian and 54C Artist. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)
  • LONGi has launched a new very impressive solar module, which it says is designed exclusively for global distributed generation market
  • It comes with a record module efficiency of up to 22.8%
  • Hi-MO 6 uses 182mm wafer sized cells with its unique back contact p-type based HPBC cell technology
  • Available in 4 variants, it has been seen to offer an average power generation increase of up to 10% in typical scenarios under global power generation simulations, LONGi added

Chinese vertically integrated solar PV manufacturer LONGi Solar has expanded its Hi-MO high efficiency solar module series with the launch of Hi-MO 6 with an impressive 22.8% maximum efficiency in mass production, designed 'exclusively' for the global distributed consumer market. At 22.8% it will be one of the world's two highest efficient modules, reaching the level of long-time leader Maxeon (see Top Solar Modules Listing – September 2022).

Based on M10 or 182mm wafer sized cells, the product is available in 4 variants namely  Explorer series, Scientist series, Guardian series and Artist series. The product is aesthetically designed using a modern industrial look that the module maker says, naturally complements a wide variety of application scenarios.

The new module uses LONGi's unique hybrid passivated back contact (HPBC) cell technology that incorporates a front-side busbar free design. On the need to use this cell technology, LONGi referred to its ability to considerably improve cell's light absorption properties and its photoelectric conversion capabilities thereby enhancing the module's output.

What's really interesting about LONGi's new cell technology is wafer type or base doping of wafer. Unlike the other leading Chinese vertically integrated module manufacturers, who have opted to n-type for their next generation products after p-type PERC, no matter if TOPCon or HJT, LONGi is sticking to p-type for its new cell product.

"In global power generation simulations, Hi-MO 6 modules have demonstrated a significant power generation advantage over PERC products with an average power generation increase of up to 10% in typical scenarios," it added.

Instead of the traditional Z-shaped structure, the Hi-MO 6 module uses back contact soldering technology with one-line soldering structure that eliminates any stress in the interconnection media, thereby circumvent any module failures due to the stress in the ribbons. 

LONGi also offers the option to pre-install Smart Optimizer when its module is used in sensitive and high-end applications such as security and intelligence. In the event of power disruption due to the PV system failure or module shading, the Smart Optimizer's 'digital brain' provides quick feedback in real time to safeguard the interests of such a power plant.  

"LONGi has driven industry development throughout the years with high-quality technical innovation. The flagship Hi-MO series modules have contributed to upgrading global energy structure. The Hi-MO 6 is another solid step toward promoting energy equity," said LONGi's Vice President Dennis She.

The launch of this module follows the company introducing its Hi-MO 5m panel, also for the distributed generation segment, in February 2022 (see New LONGi PV Rooftop Module With 415W Output).

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