• The Intersolar Award 2019 at Intersolar Europe in Munich was given to 3 winners for their innovative approach in solar PV technology
  • Huawei Technologies secured the award for its simple, flexible and compact Smart PV string inverter
  • DeepSolar automated AI based diagnostic software program of Israel’s Raycatch scored for its cost-optimized maintenance and monitoring of PV plants
  • JinkoSolar’s Cheetah Bifacial HC Swan bifacial modules with DuPont's Tedlar-based Swan transparent backsheet offering a 30-year power warranty  was another winner

The recently concluded Intersolar Europe in Munich lauded and awarded innovation in the solar PV industry. The Intersolar Award 2019 was accorded to 3 winners from a pool of 10 finalists by a 5-judge panel. The organizers say these winners will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the energy industry as their products drive the energy transition forward.

While its business suffers in the United States from the US-Chinese trade war, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. from China is a world leading & innovative solar inverter manufacturer that was selected one of the 3 winners of the Intersolar Award 2019 for its Smart PV string inverter SUN2000 15-20KTL-M0.

The flexibility regarding installation of large residential and commercial systems that this product offers along with its lightweight and compact features was acknowledged as well as a comprehensive software package. It doesn’t necessarily require a battery storage system and can be combined with performance optimizers to reduce negative impacts of shading. An simplified output connection is made possible with an innovative AC terminal.

Israeli start-up Raycatch Ltd. was awarded for its DeepSolar automated artificial intelligence (AI) based diagnostic software program for cost-optimized maintenance and monitoring of PV power plants, without the need for human intervention.

The Cheetah Bifacial HC Swan solar module product with a transparent back sheet from JinkoSolar of China was also chosen for the 2019 Intersolar award. The Chinese company has integrated DuPont’s Tedlar based Swan transparent backsheet in its bifacial module. Jinko is one of the first module makers offering a 30-year power warranty for a backsheet-glass module.

Being held for 27 years now, Intersolar Europe will return to Munich in June 2020, where it will offer the opportunity to win the next Intersolar Award.