• RenewSys of India has launched 5-busbar solar cell technology
  • The 5BB cells are part of its RESERV range of solar modules that will be manufactured using European PV cell production equipment
  • It plans to launch commercial production of 5BB cells from July 2017
  • RenewSys announced completion of ramp up of its 100 MW cell line with the help of Germany’s Solsol

Indian solar products manufacturer RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd. has launched the production of five busbar (BB) solar cells. The company claims these are the first 5BB cells made by an Indian manufacturer.

These 5BB cells are part of its RESERV range of solar cells. RenewSys plans to start commercial production of 5BB solar cells/modules from July 2017 onward.  

RenewSys is the renewable energy arm of the Enpee Group, a diversified business conglomerate. It manufactures solar module processing materials (encapsulation foils, backsheets) as well as solar modules on OEM basis, among other products. The manufacturing facilities of RenewSys are located in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

RenewSys had recently completed the ramp up of its 100 MW cell line at the end of April 2017. Cell line production ramp up was supported by German consultancy and engineering company Solsol GmbH. RenewSys said it purchased a solar cell line from a European manufacturer in January 2016 (see RenewSys Orders 100 MW Cell Line). Later in April 2016, it announced that it had ordered 100 MW PV module manufacturing equipment from Meyer Burger (see RenewSys Module Expansion).

While we are excited to announce these developments, we hope that the government will support companies like RenewSys that have made significant investments based on the Government of India’s pro local manufacturing policy,” said Managing Director Avinash Hiranandani.   

Indian companies are gradually focusing on capacity enhancement and technology enhancement. Recently, Vikram Solar announced that it reached the 1 GW level for its module production capacity (see Vikram Solar Expands Capacity To 1 GW).