Targeting global residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) solar segments, Chinese solar cell and module manufacturer Risen Energy has launched the smaller series of its 210mm large size silicon wafer based solar modules. It calls it Little Titan or Titan S series, offering it in 2 variants of regular and all-black products.
The manufacturer claims a maximum efficiency of up to 21.3% for these modules that come with a power output of 390 W to 410 W. Each panel weighs 21.5 kg and comes with 1,754 x 1,096 x 30 mm dimensions. According to the Chinese company, these are compatible with mainstream support systems, optimizers and inverters in residential and commercial applications.
Risen says for its Titan S series, it has used a ‘unique’ low-voltage circuit design and chip packaging technology, non-destructive cutting and multi-busbar grid.
During our TaiyangNews conference on Advanced Module Technologies in January 2021, Risen Energy’s Head of Product Management Yifeng Song shared his company’s aim to have its 210 mm Titan module series to sport power output of 720 W by H2/2022. The company targets cumulative solar module production capacity of 30 GW by the end of 2021 with all future capacity having large sized modules, but with heterojunction cell technology and not PERC (see Risen Energy To Purchase 34 GW Worth Of Solar Glass).
Solar module makers with 210 mm wafer sized cells are increasingly lobbying and hobnobbing to get the entire ecosystem streamlined, with a degree of success. Several solar PV inverter companies have announced products compatible with 210 mm sized modules, a list compiled by Trina Solar (see Solar Inverters Compatible With 210mm Sized Modules). Recently, Trina Solar said the top 8 tracker makers have also issued compatability approvals for 210 Ultra-High Power Solar Modules (see China PV News Snippets: Zhonghuan, Trina, Shangji CNC).
Speaking of modules, TaiyangNews is to launch its Bifacial Solar 2021 Report during our virtual conference on Bifacial Solar on March 4, 2021. Registrations are free here.