Risen Energy says its high power heterojunction (HJT) solar modules have reached a maximum power output of 606.656W, and claims it to be a world record for highest power HJT modules. It adds this reflects an increase of more than 160W for these panels.
While it is not clear about the power level the company’s referring to, according to our research, the power level is 141 W more than Jinergy’s HJT module with 465 W rated power that is built on M6 wafer format as it was emphasized as the HJT module with the highest rated power in TaiyangNews Report on Advanced Module Technologies 2021. In fact, Risen is the first company to scale up the HJT technology to G12 wafer format. Such a move is anyway expected from the company, as it is the only company in the ‘G12 club’ that’s seriously pursuing HJT technology so far.
This power output level for Risen Energy’s modules has been certified by TUV South Germany, shared the Chinese manufacturer, and said this is a ‘new breakthrough’ in the application technology of HJT modules as it lays a foundation for the development of large-scale production in this segment. The module seems to have been built with 60-cells in half cell configuration interconnected with 12-busbars, of which the busbar count is agreed as a standard among the G12 followers.
Risen Energy shares that it has been able to achieve 24.55% efficiency for HJT solar cells in mass production at an early stage, and going forward it will be the company’s ‘sharp weapon’ as China gets ready to adopt its 14th Five-Year Plan.
“Risen Energy has been continuously researching and developing heterojunction cells and modules, forming an integrated heterojunction research system and accumulating unique independent research results. The gratifying achievements of solar modules have strengthened Risen Energy’s confidence in the development of heterojunction modules,” said company’s Vice President Huang Qiang. “We will continue to explore the technology of heterojunction modules, launch high-efficiency and low-cost heterojunction photovoltaic module products, and respond to the call of the country. Contribute to global carbon neutrality.”
The Chinese company launched its 600W Titan series of modules in August 2020 based on G12 or 210mm sized silicon wafers with a highest capacity of 660W. For these it uses PERC technology, but going forward it aims to switch over to high efficiency HJT technology.
Speaking during TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies For Rooftop & Utility Scale Applications virtual conference in January 2021, Risen Energy’s Head of Product Management Yifeng Song shared that his company will push its 210 Titan series to have 720W power output by H2/2022, growing from H1/2021, based on higher efficiency HJT technology (see Day I: TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Conference).
In February 2021, the company launched its Little Titan series using 210mm size for modules targeting global residential, commercial and industrial markets (see Risen Energy Gets 210mm Modules For DG Segment).
TaiyangNews has delved deep into HJT technology in its 2nd report on the subject titled Heterojunction Solar Technology 2020 available for free download on our website.
On the subject of high power solar modules, TaiyangNews is holding a 1-day virtual conference on Bifacial Solar on March 4, 2021. Registrations are free here.