Saule’s Commercial Perovskite Cell Installation

Saule Technologies Announces World’s ‘1st’ Commercial Installation Of Perovskite Solar Cells For PV Blinds Of Aluminum Producer Aliplast, Using Somfy’s Automation System

Saule’s Commercial Perovskite Cell Installation

After opening its perovskite solar cell manufacturing fab in Poland in June 2021, Saule Technologies has completed its maiden commercial installation for Aliplast as perovskite solar cell modules deployed on automatic sun blinds. (Photo Credit: Saule Technologies)

  • Saule Technologies has announced its 1st commercial installation for perovskite solar cells
  • It has equipped aluminum structures of sun blinds of Aliplast for the latter’s factory with perovskite cell modules
  • These blinds move automatically chasing the sun’s movement with Somfy’s Animeo automation system

Perovskite solar cell technology company from Poland Saule Technologies has unveiled its 1st and the world’s ‘1st’ commercial installation of perovskite cells, in the form of photovoltaic (PV) blinds, sun breakers., it announced. It has equipped a factory façade owned by aluminum producer Aliplast in Lublin with the perovskite solar cells.

The automatic blinds at the factory have perovskite solar cell modules placed on the aluminum structures supplied by Aliplast. Like trackers for a ground mounted installation, the blinds move automatically chasing the sun’s movement with the help of Animeo automation system from home and building automation systems developer from France, Somfy.

The automation system depends on weather station installed on the rooftop that makes use of live weather data and sun-tracking to change alignment with the movement of the sun. According to project partners, the sun breaker blinds_part of the building applied PV (BAPV) systems—protect the building from overheating or cooling down, thereby bringing down air conditioning and heating cost significantly.

A developer of the perovskite solar cells, Saule calls it a breakthrough solution as it opens a ‘new market possibility with enormous growth potential’ in the form of building facades.

“The implementation of the system is possible in any building type. Therefore, I believe that this is the beginning of a revolution in the world of photovoltaics,” said President of the Management and Board Member of Aliplast Sp. z o.o., Jan Kidaj.

Saule Technologies officially opened the world’s ‘1st’ perovskite solar cell manufacturing fab in Poland in June 2021 (see Perovskite Solar Cell Production Fab Online In Poland).

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