• China’s Trina Solar has launched TrinaPro Mega as a new ultra-high power smart solar PV solution
  • It enhances overall system performance and brings down the levelized cost of electricity
  • This module solution, says the company, paves the way for next module power upgrade to 600 W

Trina Solar has launched a new solar PV module series having more than 500 W output. The product series is called TrinaPro Mega. This comes 2 years after the Chinese PV module maker launched its TrinaPro modules targeting large-scale power stations, also applicable for floating PV solutions on reservoirs, lakes and beaches (see ‘Smart PV Solution’ From Trina).

It describes the new TrinaPro Mega series as an ‘ultra-high power’ smart PV solution that enhances overall system performance while bringing down the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). Based on the TrinaPro solution, the new TrinaPro Mega resolves several application challenges faced by existing systems. It upgrades its long-string trackers for 500 W-plus power modules.

The latest solution integrates Vertex modules, the company’s independently developed TCU, smart tracking algorithms and SCADA monitoring systems.

“Based on the Vertex module, we launched TrinaPro Mega in a move to increase value for our clients via smart upgrades to more advanced system solutions. By enhancing ultra-high power module performance and lowering the LCOE, TrinaPro Mega brings stable investment returns,” said Trina Solar Vice General Manager and Vice President, Yin Rongfang. “Moreover, Vertex facilitates the commercialization of new technologies and paves the way for the next module power upgrade to 600 W.”

Once realized, a 600 W module would be the largest commercial solar module, having  an even higher output than JinkoSolar’s TigerPro modules with up to 580 W output, launched in May 2020.

In February 2020, Trina Solar introduced its bifacial glass-glass and glass-backsheet solar modules with more than 500 W output for which it announced to have more than 5 GW annual production capacity (see Trina Solar Officially Introduces Over 500 W Bifacial Module).