Two Dual Axis Trackers From Mechatron

Mechatron Promotes Two Dual Axis Solar Trackers Designed For Agriculture Related Applications, Gas Stations With Identical Specifications

Two Dual Axis Trackers From Mechatron

For carports: Mechatron is among the very few companies to offer a dualaxis tracker and is promoting a model specially designed for carports. (Source: Mechatron)

  • Mechatron’s MK16KD tracker is designed for agriculture and MK10KD is used in gas stations and both these trackers shows same specifications and can accommodate 90 modules
  • These trackers are equipped with hydraulic system for motion and a piston for elevation, which slip in sudden wind loads and have low pressure barking system to remain stationary during brake failure or leak
  • Mechatron offers guaranteed uptime of 99.6% for trackers and 20 year warranty for all components.

Mechatron has provided data for 2 dual axis trackes (DAT) for our recent 2nd TaiyangNews Solar Trackers Market Survey. These products are similar to the one that provided in our previous survey, but the product names have been altered and again the data for 2 products is integrated into one column of the survey table. These 2 trackers, introduced in 2021, are promoted for specific applications.

The MK16KD is mainly developed for agriculture related applications, while the M10KD is promoted for gas stations. However, the listed specifications are exactly the same as their predecessors (see table below). Mechatron’s DAT systems are based on gearless slew drives with hydraulic motors and can spin all around the azimuth range from -180° to +180° and zenith range of 0° to 80°. Both the trackers can accommodate 90 modules in a 9 x 10 configuration.

A hydraulic system is used for the azimuth motion and the motion of the elevation axis utilizes an additional piston and oil as dampener. In case of sudden wind load with force exceeding the brake pressure, the drive slips and protects the mechanism from damage. The braking position of the brake band is achieved at a low oil pressure in the cylinder, meaning the tracker remains stationary in case of a brake failure. In case of a leak at the main brake cylinder, the system generates an error message, freezes operation, stows its platform and remains stationary until the cylinder gets repaired. There is no backlash as there are no free moving parts anywhere in the mechanism.

Mechatron offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.6% and an extraordinary 20-year warranty for all tracker components including mechanical components, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

The text is from the product description part of our  2nd Market Survey on Solar Trackers, which was published in Dec. 2022 and can be downloaded for free here.

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