10 MW Solar Tender For Steel Maker

Bangladesh’s Steel Manufacturer GPH Ispat Limited Launches Tender For 10 MW Floating, Ground Mounted & Rooftop Solar PV Capacity

10 MW Solar Tender For Steel Maker

Bangladesh’s steel maker GPH Ispat hopes for the 10 MW solar PV capacity, to be set up as floating, ground mounted and rooftop PV facilities, to help it lower its carbon footprint. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Yousefsh/Shutterstock.com)

  • GPH Ispat has launched a tender for 10 MW AC solar power capacity for its Chittagong fab
  • PV capacity can be established as floating solar, ground mounted and rooftop solar PV capacity
  • Eligible bidders must have built similar projects in Bangladesh/India/China

GPH Ispat Limited, an integrated steel manufacturer in Bangladesh, wants to use solar power for self-consumption of its factory in Sitakunda, Chittagong region. The 10 MW AC capacity will need to be developed and distributed as floating, ground mounted and rooftop solar PV facilities.

The company has specified a tentative locations of the project as an artificial lake created for rain water harvesting to be used as site for floating PV, hilly areas around the lake for ground mounted capacity, and the roof of the main factory building and office buildings for rooftop PV.

Broad scope of work involves design and construct the project to have a project life of 20 years, along with helping GPH Ispat to apply for net metering contract with the local power utility.

Eligible EPC contractor companies must have successfully constructed similar projects in Bangladesh/India/China with a cumulative capacity of 10 MW in the past 10 years. “If any applicant or member of a consortium has experience in floating solar plant, it may make it more attractive partner for this project,” the expression of interest (EOI) reads.

A pre-submission meeting is scheduled for September 23, 2021. Interested bidders have time till October 7, 2021 to submit their response. Details are available on GPH Ispat’s website.

GPH Ispat aims for this solar power capacity to enable it to reduce carbon footprint, and conserve water while enabling it to access solar power generation. Any unused excess electricity will be exported to the grid through net metering guidelines.

In August 2021, Bangladesh-China Power Company launched an EPC tender for a 68 MW solar power plant in Sirajganj (see EPC Tender For 68 MW Solar Project In Bangladesh).

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