Barbados To Introduce RE Auctions

IDB Looking For Consultant To Devise Competitive RE Procurement Framework For Barbados

Barbados To Introduce RE Auctions

A tourism-based economy, Barbados aims to eliminate its reliance on imported fossil fuels and reduce its exposure to climate change. For this, it wants to expand the role of renewables in its energy mix. Pictured is the coastline of St Philip in Barbados. (Photo Credit: Barbados Government Information Service/Flickr)

  • IDB is inviting EOIs from consultants, on behalf of MEBD, to prepare a competitive renewable energy procurement framework for Barbados
  • The winner consultant will need to devise a step-by-step auction process aligned with international best practices
  • MEBD too has separately invited proposals from consultants to implement a change management strategy for the nation’s energy policy

The island nation of Barbados wants to go the competitive auction way to source renewable energy for the country and is seeking help from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that has launched a tender to select a consultant to develop a technology neutral competitive procurement framework for large scale renewable energy capacity.

As per the expression of interest (EOI) call, the consulting firm will be expected to establish an end-to-end transparent and competitive procurement process customized to Barbados along with preparing pre-qualification requirements and tender documents. It will also be required to evaluate bidders. Basically, covering the step-by-step auction process.

Scope of work will involve identifying legal and regulatory gaps, while providing suitable recommendations and amendments, aligned with international best practices.

The Caribbean nation is primarily a tourism-based economy thanks to its natural environment which faces threat from fossil fuel generated power more than 90% of which is imported. Lack of diversification and insufficient electricity infrastructure makes it further vulnerable and exposes it to natural disasters and impacts of climate change, reads the EOI.

Under the Barbados National Energy Policy (BNEP) 2019-2030, the country aims to achieve 100% electricity from renewables and hit carbon neutrality by the end of this decade.

Last date to apply is April 4, 2022. The detailed tender document is available on the bank’s website.

IDB has launched the EOI on behalf of the country’s Ministry of Energy and Businesses Development (MEBD) and will supervise the consulting activities for the ministry that has separately launched a tender seeking a consultant to implement a change management strategy for the BNEP 2019-2030.

Through the request for proposals (RFP) to be accepted till April 13, 2022, the ministry wants to implement a customized, focused, aggressive and dynamic change management program to support the nation’s energy sector transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy by 2030.

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