Bavaria Offering Rooftops For Solar Installations

66 Rooftops Available For Installers To Deploy Solar Panels In Upper Bavaria & Swabia, Germany

Bavaria Offering Rooftops For Solar Installations

As Bavaria explores ways to improve its renewable energy share by 2030, it is now offering rooftop PV space to install solar panels. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Andre Nery/

  • Bavaria is offering rooftop space on lease in the state to install solar panels
  • While 35 rooftops are available on lease in Upper Bavaria, 31 are available in Swabia
  • Projects need to be completed within 24 months from the signing of contracts with winners who will need to operate the same for 20 years

The State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transport in Germany’s Bavaria has launched a tender offering 66 rooftops for the installation of rooftop PV systems in Upper Bavaria and Swabia in a bid to explore the potential of solar PV in the state, and generate revenue by leasing rooftop space to private players.

“We are using every opportunity to equip many more roofs with photovoltaic systems in the near future. 66 we write out now. In addition, the Bavarian state government is providing €125 million for the construction of systems on other suitable roofs,” said Housing Minister Christian Bernreiter.

Of the 66 rooftops, 35 are available on lease in Upper Bavaria planned to be awarded to a single operator. Remaining 31 rooftops can be leased in the administrative district of Swabia, again to a single operator exclusively.

Interested bidders need to submit the estimated power generation capacity in kW terms per building/PV system and fixed lease in € per roof per year that they can offer.

On completion of the project within 24 months from the signing of the contract, the winner will continue to operate the system for the next 20 years.

Last date to submit bids is January 23, 2023. Details of the tenders are available on the website of Immobilien Freistaat Bayern (IMBY).

In May 2022, Bavaria said it plans to double the renewable energy generation in the state by 2030 to help achieve federal target of 80% renewable energy in the national energy mix, and demanded separate tendering segment for agrivoltaics under Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) regime (see Europe PV News Snippets). Bavaria is a leader in total installed PV capacity in Germany with over 16 GW by end of 2021, but it is severely lagging behind in wind power with around 2.7 GW at the same time.

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