Call For 80 MW Solar PV In Serb Republic

Bosnia’s Serb Republic Planning 80 MW Solar PV Capacity For BAM 136.9 Million

Call For 80 MW Solar PV In Serb Republic

The 80 MW Planik Solar Power Plant in Serb Republic of Bosnia is expected to generate 106 GWh of clean energy annually on completion. Pictured is a file photo of local administration meeting CEEC’s Tianjin Electric Power Construction that’s exploring solar power plant construction here. (Photo Credit: Government of Serb Republic)

  • Serb Republic is looking for bidders for the construction of 80 MW solar power capacity in Bileća municipality
  • It is planned to be located near a wind farm and estimated to cost BAM 136.9 million
  • Project capacity needs to be energized as 2 sub-projects of 44 MW and 36 MW for which the government may award a concession of 50 years

Serb Republic of Bosnia has launched an international call inviting interested solar companies for the construction of a solar power plant with 80 MW capacity in the municipality of Bileća, with an estimated annual production of 106 GWh.

The Planik Solar Power Plant is planned to come up on 85.4 hectares located on the southern slope of Veliki Planik and Mali Planik. The administration is also planning to bring up a 39.6 MW wind farm in the same location with a view to optimize land and infrastructure usage for which it has launched a separate tender.

Entire 80 MW solar PV capacity needs to be realized in the form of 2 projects of 44 MW in Veliki Planik, and 36 MW in Mali Planik regions. To be built for an estimated investment of BAM 136.9 million ($73.4 million), the project will be connected to the existing electricity transmission network. The government may award a maximum concession of 50 years to the winner.

Selected bidder will need to prepare a feasibility study on location along with environmental assessment to ascertain its economic feasibility.

Launched on June 15, 2022, the tender call specifies August 15, 2022 as the last date to submit bids.

In May 2022, Serb Republic said it met Tianjin Electric Power Construction which is part of China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC) to explore cooperation on construction of solar power plants here, among other projects.

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