Croatia’s 638 MW Renewable Energy Tender

HROTE Seeking 300 MW Solar Under 638 MW Renewable Energy Tender

Croatia’s 638 MW Renewable Energy Tender

Solar and wind power generation technologies get 300 MW each in HROTE’s 638 MW renewable energy tender in Croatia. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: fanjianhua/

  • HROTE has fixed solar power capacity of 300 MW under its 638 MW renewable energy tender
  • Solar projects with a minimum 500 kW capacity stand to win market premiums with tariffs for this technology capped at HRK 495.63 per MWh
  • Hydro power, wind, biomass, biogas and geothermal are the other competing technologies

Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) is soliciting bids for 638 MW renewable energy auction, including 300 MW solar that will compete alongside wind, geothermal, biogas and biomass power plants.

For solar power projects, 300 MW capacity is to come from projects with a minimum capacity of 500 kW. The agency has capped tariffs for this technology at HRK 495.63 per MWh to win market premium.

Remaining capacity is distributed as 4 MW of hydropower plants of over 500 kW and up to 10 MW capacity, wind farms of over 3 MW can win a maximum of 300 MW. Maximum capacity to be awarded to biomass projects is 8 MW, biogas 16 MW and geothermal 10 MW.

Last date to submit bids is July 4, 2022. Further details are available on HROTE’s website.

In April 2022, it had first introduced the tender with 622 MW renewable energy capacity including 300 MW for solar (see Croatia Announces 622 MW RE Auction).

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