Sun Cable has launched an expression of interest (EOI) call for customers interested in procuring dispatchable zero emission electricity in Singapore from its Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink) project, touted as the world’s largest solar battery and longest subsea cable system.

The company said it is working with significant potential offtakers in Singapore to form strategic partnership opportunities for the provision of electricity into Singapore. The engagement is likely to continue over the next few months as the company sees ‘enthusiastic response’ for renewable energy from Singaporean power users.

With 17 GW to 20 GW of solar power capacity planned for the AAPowerLink project, Sun Cable and partners are set to break ground on the facility from 2024 and start electricity supply to Darwin by the end of 2026, and to Singapore in 2027. Sun Cable has got its integrated project delivery team (IPDT) in place (see More Partners For Sun Cable’s AAPowerLink).

While there is no specific last EOI submission date mentioned, interested customers can reach out to Sun Cable on Further details can be secured from Sun Cable.

Its EOI is timed well as Singapore recently announced it plans to launch tenders to import up to 4 GW of low-carbon electricity by 2035. “Sun Cable sees an enormous opportunity for Singapore to be a leader in energy transition, leveraging existing technologies in electricity transmission projects, to build Singapore’s access to renewable electricity and support the development of the ASEAN Power Grid,” said Sun Cable.

Headed by CEO David Griffin, Sun Cable has also released its research on economic and environmental opportunity from greater grid connectivity in the Asia Pacific region. It believes in the potential for the region to assume leadership position in renewable energy import and export with countries sharing their resources more efficiently.

“Greater grid connectivity is crucial to the energy transition in the Asia Pacific – our research showed that it could be a major driver of jobs creation, industry development, decarbonization and significantly lower energy costs,” explained Sun Cable Co-Founder Dr. Fraser Thompson. “By 2040, greater grid connectivity in the Asia Pacific could create up to 870,000 jobs and reduce emissions by roughly 3 times Japan’s total current carbon emissions.”

Sunseap of Singapore recently entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with various partners to explore and co-develop 7 GW solar power capacity with storage, on several Indonesian islands and supply power generated within the country and to Singapore via subsea power cable (see 7 GW Solar Power Capacity For Indonesia).