Indian State Agencies Issue Tenders For Over 1 GW Solar

Gujarat’s PGVCL Seeks 921 MW Solar PV Capacity Under Component-C Of PM-KUSUM Scheme; HIMURJA Wants Developers For 100 MW Ground Mounted PV

Indian State Agencies Issue Tenders For Over 1 GW Solar

HIMURJA has invited bids for 100 MW solar PV capacity as part of its mandate to have this capacity set up for the year 2023-24 under Himachal Pradesh’s Energy Policy. (Photo Credit: HIMURJA)

  • PGVCL has invited bids for the development of 921 MW combined grid connected solar PV capacity
  • It wants to use this capacity to solarize agricultural feeders of 376 substations in Gujarat
  • HIMURJA too wants to set up 100 MW aggregate solar capacity to be developed as ground mounted PV across Himachal Pradesh

Gujarat electricity distribution company Paschim Gujarat Vij Company (PGVCL) has launched a tender for the development of 921 MW solar PV capacity in the state of Gujarat under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan (PM-KUSUM) program, while another state agency Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (HIMURJA) wants to grid connect 100 MW solar in Himachal Pradesh.

PGVCL’s solicitation process aims to solarize various 11 KV agricultural feeders of selected 66/11 KV substations in its supply area to cover 376 substations with an aggregate 921 MW solar plant capacity. The tender is being issued under component-C of PM-KUSUM scheme to set up solar capacity through RESCO mode (see MNRE Revises Solar Target Under PM-KUSUM Scheme).

Power generated by this combined grid connected solar capacity will be procured by the discom. Interested bidders can bid for a minimum 500 kW and maximum up to 4 MW for a single location.

PGVCL launched the tender on February 24, 2023 and sets the last date of submission as March 17, 2023, as per the request for selection (RFS) announcement.  

HIMURJA has invited applications for ground mounted solar PV capacity ranging from 250 kW to 5 MW for private land and/or private leased land. Of the combined 100 MW sought, 30 MW will need to be developed within the range of 250 kW to 1 MW and is reserved for bonafide Himachalis individuals/partnership firms/private limited companies having 100% share holding of bonafide Himachali.

Remaining 70 MW can be established by all interested solar power producers with system sizes of over 1 MW to 5 MW.

Launched on February 22, 2023, bids for this HIMURJA round will need to be filled online till March 15, 2023. Further details will be available on its website.

HIMURJA is mandated to develop 100 MW solar capacity for the year 2023-24 as per the state’s Energy Policy provisions that aims to develop Himachal Pradesh as the Green Energy State by 2025. Energy generated by this capacity is to be purchased by Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd (HPSEBL).

Himachal Pradesh targets to add an additional 10 GW renewable energy capacity to its portfolio by 2030 relying on hydropower, solar and other green energy sources (see Indian State Eyes 10 GW Additional Green Energy).

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