Mongolia Launches EPC Tender For 10 MW Solar PV Capacity

Mongolian Energy Ministry Launches International Tender To Build 10 MW Solar Power Plant Funded Under Asian Development Bank Project

Mongolia Launches EPC Tender For 10 MW Solar PV Capacity

Part of the proceeds for Asian Development Bank funded Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project are to be invested for payments related to plans for a 10 MW Solar Project in Mongolia's Moron region. (Illustrative Photo of Mongolia; Photo Credit: Asian Development Bank)

  • Mongolia is looking for solar EPC contractors to build 10 MW solar power project in the country’s Moron region
  • The tender has been launched under ADB funded Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project
  • The tender is open to global EPC contractors from eligible source nations of the ADB

The Mongolian Ministry of Energy has solicited bids from global EPC contractors to set up a 10 MW solar power plant in the country called Moron Solar PV Facility. The international tender is open to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) service providers from eligible source countries of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Part of financing received by the Mongolian government from the ADB toward the cost of Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project will be deployed to make payments under the contract for the 10 MW solar project.

Interested companies are expected to submit their bidding documents by October 20, 2021, according to the tender announcement made by ADB on its website.

Through Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project, the ADB is enabling renewable energy capacity expansion in Mongolia while enhancing the capacity of local public utilities in investment planning, project management and grid control. According to the Ministry of Energy’s Initial Environmental Examination update submitted to the bank, under the project, Mongolia aims to establish a total of 41 MW solar, wind and shallow-ground renewable energy capacity, to be located in the remote regions of Western and Altai-Uliastai.

This 41 MW capacity is to be developed over 2 phases spread out as 2019 to 2022 and 2022 to 2024. According to the ADB, the 10 MW Moron Solar Project will be developed in Moron in Khovsgol province under phase 2 of the project.

In November 2020, the Energy Ministry launched an EPC tender for 10 MW solar capacity for Altai region under the same ADB project (see Mongolia Launches 10 MW Solar PV Tender).

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