• The West Herzegovina Canton in BiH has launched a call for concession of a 25 MW AC solar power plant
  • It will be located in Posusje municipality’s Starka region on land graded as a ‘6th-class’ forest
  • Winner design and build the solar power plant, and win concession rights for a period of 30 years

The Government of the West Herzegovina Canton has launched a public call to award concession for the construction of a solar power plant with 25 MW AC capacity in Posusje municipality. Winner will get concession for site use for 30 years.

The Starka, Citluk located solar power station in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will cover an area of 28.43 hectares, at a distance of 3.4 km from the municipal center. According to the tender details released by the Ministry of Economy, the land is registered as a ‘6th-class’ forest.

Winning company will be expected to design and build the solar power station and connect the same to the local transmission network with a nominal voltage of 110 kV. The task of securing requisite permits and approvals will be with the winner.

Bids will be opened on December 10, 2021, as per the tender call.

This call follows an expression of interest round launched by EPHZHB in May 2021 to seek solar, wind and hydropower projects to expand its renewable energy portfolio (see Bosnian Utility Seeking Renewable Energy Projects).