TaiyangNews Overview & Analysis of Highest Efficient Commercial Solar Panels


TaiyangNews has been covering the efficiency progress of solar modules through its annual reports on Advanced Module Technologies starting from 2017 and its annual conference as of 2020. However, in the quickly changing solar sector a lot is happening over the course of a year – and to keep our readers updated about the efficiency progress more frequently, TaiyangNews has started an online column about the most efficient solar panels at the beginning of 2022.

Since January 2022, we have been updating the list on a monthly basis and publishing it on our website in a dedicated section called TOP SOLAR MODULES. The feature consists of a graph, table and an article covering the important changes from the previous edition.

For our first TOP SOLAR MODULES report we have looked at the monthly columns for the full first year, and analyzed the  trends and developments for the different cell technologies (PERC; TOPCon, HJT, Back Contact) and listed companies, which include the leading cell/module makers (see report structure below)


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Shravan Chunduri

HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY At TaiyangNews, he is responsible for drafting the technology reports and articles that are regularly published in TaiyangNews.--Email: [email protected]

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