Overview & Analysis of Highest Efficient Commercial Solar Panels


TaiyangNews recognizes the critical role efficiency plays in solar panels, influencing various technical and commercial aspects of photovoltaic systems. With this in mind, at the beginning of 2022, we started tracking the efficiency of commercial PV modules on a monthly basis, and have been publishing these monthly results on our website. This TaiyangNews TOP SOLAR MODULES 2023 report summarizes the key findings from over 24 editions published during 2022 and 2023.

The core section of this report analyzes data on efficiency and power, 2 critical attributes of solar modules. We assess how these aspects have improved within various categories, including efficiency and power bands, cell technology, and company performance. The number of participating companies and products increased significantly, from 20 to 33 by end of 2022 and 55 by end of 2023.

While the highest module efficiency reported only rose by 0.1% absolute (from 22.7% to 22.8%) throughout the first year of our coverage, much more significant advancements were observed in 2023, when the top commercial module efficiency reached 24%.

We have analyzed the shares of different cell technologies over time.

The report also includes summary tables elaborating on the efficiency and power advancements achieved by each company featured in the TOP SOLAR MODULES section.


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