• Trina Solar has officially launched ultra-high-power Vertex module series, with up to 600 W output
  • It comes with a very high single module power of up to 600 W based on 210 mm wafers and interconnected with MBB leading to a conversion efficiency of up to 21.4%
  • This module series will be introduced in 2 variants, bifacial dual glass monocrystalline with between 580 W to 600 W output, and backsheet monocrystalline modules with up to 585 W to 605 W power range
  • Trina Solar will present about its Vertex modules at TaiyangNews’ virtual 500W+ Solar Module Conference on July 29 & July 30, 2020

A day after Trina Solar released the news about the 600 W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance, bringing together 39 global firms in the PV supply chain to push these ultra-high power solar modules, the Chinese solar PV module maker has now officially launched its own Vertex module with up to 600 W output, which will leading into the photovoltaic 6.0 era, it said.

At the global launch physically attended by several of the 39 organizations of the alliance in China, Trina Solar’s Head of Product Strategy and Value Management, Dr Zhang Yingbin said, “The 600 W Vertex module has core values ​​such as high current, low voltage, and high string power, and has a broader BOS cost reduction space. With the cooperation of all core links of the industry chain, the 600W module product based on the new technology platform will further reduce the cost of electricity for new energy power generation and maximize customer value.”

This new generation ultra-high-power module comes with a remarkable rated power of up to 600 W, which is the highest output among all brands of modules available globally at present. Its rival and fellow Chinese suppliers JinkoSolar introduced Tiger Pro solar modules with up to 580 W output, while Canadian Solar recently launched its new Series 6 with 590 W output (see Canadian Solar Enters 500 W+ Module Club)

Similar to the previous Vertex series products, the key ingredients of this latest series addition from Trina Solar are employing the  larger 210 mm wafer format, non-destructive cutting, high density packing of cells in the matrix and multi busbar based interconnection. The key difference is, unlike the earlier modules that are built with 1/3 cells (stripping a cell into 3 pieces), the recent version uses half cell design using 120 cells (equivalent to 60 full cells). Trina Solar has also addressed another shortcoming of the previous version – instead of having 5 strings, which requires running one empty ribbon to complete the circuit, the latest Vertex comes with a symmetrical 6-string layout. As a result of this optimization the module has up to 21.4% rated efficiency. This product series will come in 2 variants, namely Vertex Bifacial Dual Glass Monocrystalline Module (580 W to 600 W power range), and Vertex Backsheet Monocrystalline Module (585 W to 605 W power range).

Trina counts 3 main features or ‘core advantages’ of the 600 W Vertex module as follows:

  1. Non-destructive cutting + high-density packaging + MBB: The MBB technology can shorten the lateral current collection path by 50% and improve the optical and electrical performance of the modules, explained  Yingbin. The high density packing method of the module can ‘effectively avoid’ risk of cell cracking and power loss while boosting its output.
  1. Low voltage, high string power, single string component power increased by more than 40%: Pointing out the fact that the 600 W Vertex module has a front short-circuit current of 18.42 A and the open circuit voltage of 41.7 V, Trina Solar claims up to 33 of 600 W Vertex modules can be connected to each string, leading to a significant increase in single string power by more than 40%.
  1. Cost of BOS is greatly reduced: According to the Chinese producer, this new Vertex module uses components that can reduce amounts of brackets by 15%, 31% of the number of junction boxes and cable consumption reduction reduction by 8%. The high power component of the module also helps in reducing the construction cost by 7%. All this collectively helps in reducing the BOS costs by 8% per W basis. Product specification of the Vertex module as launched by Trina Solar is available on its website.

Production has already started. While the new products are first sold in China and then some Asian countries, Trina Solar said it plans commercial sales in Europe later this year and the US in H2/2021.

Trina Solar will present about its Vertex modules and participate in Executive Panel at TaiyangNews’ virtual 500 W+ Solar Module Conference on July 29 & July 30, 2020. Registration is for free here.