A proponent of 210mm wafer sized solar modules, Trina Solar Co., Ltd. has launched its newest version of its ultra-high power Vertex solar module series, with a power output of 670W. It is now targeting 700W+ output in 2022. Target clientele for this high performance product is utility scale solar segment.
This growth in power output is an increase from 600W it reported for this series earlier this year. Trina Solar explains the module comes with non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection, multi-busbar (MBB) technology, among other prominent features.
The module promises an efficiency of up to 21.6%, having obtained IEC certification from TUV Rheinland giving it go ahead for mass production. The Chinese company explains the 670W Vertex solar module achieves a total power increase of up to 18,760W per string, 34% higher than of the 500W+ modules.
On the cost side, the manufacturer claims this series can reduce non-silicon cost of silicon wafers and cells for upstream supply chain and reduce the cost of trackers, pile foundations, cables and labor for the downstream. Overall Vertex modules, Trina Solar adds, can lower installation cost by 5% to 7% eventually leading to LCOE and BOS cost reduction too.
“The ultra-high power Vertex 670W module launched this time reveals higher feasibility in reducing the BOS cost and LCOE, which will help achieve the renewable energy goals and accelerate the PV industry’s pace to embrace the era of grid parity,” said Trina Solar’s CTO Dr. Zhang Yingbin.
The company had launched its 600W Vertex module in July 2020 with a power conversion efficiency of up to 21.4% (see Trina Solar Launches 600W Vertex Module). It presented details of its 210mm wafer based modules at our TaiyangNews Advanced Solar Modules Conference 2021, the recording is available here.
The TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies Report 2021, which was launched on Jan. 28 explored high power modules during our Advanced Module Technologies Conference. It is available for download free of charge here.