TrinaTracker Expands Its Vanguard 1P Tracker Series

Chinese Manufacturer Unveils Upgraded Vanguard 1P Tracker with Added Features For Utility-Scale Market

TrinaTracker Expands Its Vanguard 1P Tracker Series

Trina Tracker's upgraded Vanguard 1P series offers precise adaptability to flat terrain, improved system stability and reliability. (Photo Credit: Trina Tracker)

  • Trina Tracker says its upgraded Vangurad 1P smart tracker offers added features and modifications like precise adaptability to flat terrain 
  • The manufacturer asserts that the new Vanguard 1P can accommodate a longer tracker length of 140 meters 
  • Its new tracker system is based on a multi-motor system driven by a slew drive mechanism 
  • The improved dynamic response characteristic enhances the tracker’s critical wind speed threshold 

TrinaTracker, a division of China-based Trina Solar, has expanded its existing Vanguard 1P smart tracking solution with the latest upgraded version promising added features and modifications. The new upgrades are mainly incorporated in terms of precise adaptability to flat terrain, improved system stability and reliability, quick installation, and versatile external compatibility, the company states.

To improve system stability and reliability in flat terrain, its drive system is upgraded to a cutting-edge multi-motor system driven by a slew drive mechanism integrated with a bi-damper system. According to the manufacturer, the new mechanical design of the tracker facilitates a longer tracker length of 140 meters with reduced oscillation timing and a more stable dynamic response. It claims this improved dynamic response raises the maximum allowable critical wind speed of the tracker.

To enhance the installation efficiency, the upgraded version incorporates shrink tube technology which, it asserts, effectively halved the time needed for tube connections. The integration of a patented spherical bearing also enables precise terrain adaptability with minimum time required to install the tracker systems without any misalignment. These features can save installation time and valuable manpower.

It has also modified its Smart Control System, which includes Smart Controller, Trina Smart Cloud, and SuperTrack Algorithm (STA). The key feature of the Trina Smart Cloud system, it explains, is the implementation of a multi-role permission management feature for enhanced security, innovative alerts such as motor diagnostic pre-warning, and integration of a 3D digital map to facilitate the easy identification of alerts and faults. The STA modifications resulted in a marked increase in energy production of up to 8%, it adds. The additional energy yield is attributed to the combined effect of its 2 algorithms: STA, which boosts energy generation in overcast conditions, and SBA, specifically designed to reduce row-to-row shadows in uneven terrain.

Its Smart Controller is based on a unique dual-power supply design which enhances system reliability by coordinating the main switch power supply with the backup battery, the statement confirmed.

Head of TrinaTracker Competence Center in Spain, Juan Manuel Gomez Garcia says, “These improvements reflect TrinaTracker’s commitment not only to improving the physical aspects of the company’s solar tracking solutions but also to the seamless integration of intelligent, digital elements, ensuring a complete and efficient user experience.

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