The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in Turkey has announced a new solar power tender for 1 GW capacity. It plans to select 15 large scale projects to be developed under the country’s Yenilenebilir Enerji Kaynak Alanları (YEKA) renewable energy program. It will be the YEKA SPP-4 or YEKA GES-4 competition round.

Of the 15 projects envisioned, 3 will be located in Bor and along with 2 projects in Erzin, each will have 100 MW capacity, while remaining Viransehir 1 to 10 projects will each have 50 MW capacity, making up the entire 1 GW to be contracted . The ceiling price for all these projects is set at TRY 0.40 ($ 0.046) per kWh.

Applications for this tender will be accepted on March 30, 2022, according to information published by the ministry in the country’s official Resmi Gazette .

Energy Minister Fatih Dönmez informed that the country has completed 2 solar and 2 wind competitions under YEKA so far. In May 2021, he shared that his government plans to hold 2 GW solar and 2 GW wind energy auctions in 2021 ( see 2 GW Solar Power To Be Auctioned In 2021 In Turkey ).