• Ukraine says 200 families installed solar power plants in Q1/2017
  • Cumulative capacity of residential solar systems installed during the reporting period is 3.4 MW
  • The number of solar panels installed with private households in Q1/2017 increased from the previous quarter by 18% and their capacity by 20%
  • Households are eligible for a net metering tariff of 18.09 euro cents/kWh

Residential solar is starting to get popular in the Ukraine In Q1/2017, 200 families installed solar power systems with a cumulative capacity of 3.4 MW.

Ukranian homeowners can now earn 18.09 euro cents per kWh of surplus clean energy they send to the grid, according to State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy (SAEE). The net metering tariff was slightly decreased in 2017; the year before, it was 19.01 euro cents/kWh.

The agency point out that the number of solar panels installed with private households increased by 18% and their total capacity by 20%.

Now over 1,300 families in the country have installed solar panels, increasing from more than 1,100 families in the previous quarter.

SAEE believes this growth is due to law 514-VIII the country adopted in 2015, which has started offering incentives to households investing in alternative energy sources. The incentives are applicable to solar and wind energy systems up to 30 kW.