• University of Jordan has issued call for tender to develop 16 MW of solar PV capacity
  • Capacity is divided into three zones - Rooftop Zone 1 (6 MW), Rooftop Zone 2 (6 MW) and Carparks Zone (4 MW)
  • Solar panels to be used will need to come from tier I manufacturers as per BNEF list or have certification from an independent technical due diligence firm on BNEF list
  • International companies will have to form JV with a local specialized company which will be the lead partner
  • Last date to apply for the tender is August 28, 2017

The University of Jordan has tendered a 16 MW solar PV capacity development. It does not have any storage system requirement, and comes under net metering.  

The entire capacity is divided into three zones. Rooftop Zone 1 will have 6 MW capacity, Rooftop Zone 2 with 6 MW capacity and Zone 3 with 4 MW capacity is called Carparks Zone.

Tender conditions include design, engineering, supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, cleaning and maintenance of the awarded capacity.  

Interested bidders will have to submit a complete and final design of any of the three zones of the PV stations. In order to submit for more than one zone, they will have to submit separate technical and financial offers for each zone.

International firms that wish to participate in the tender have to form a joint venture with a local specialized firm with the latter named as the lead partner.

Solar panels used in the project will have to come from a tier-I manufacturer in the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) PV Module Maker List. Alternatively, the manufacturing company must have certification from one of the independent technical due diligence firms listed in by BNEF.

The winning bidder will have to bear the cost of the public advertising for this call for tender ‘regardless of the number of call repetitions’.

The call for tender was issued on April 24, 2017 and is open for 42 days. Documents for the tender can be purchased by June 5, 2017. Submission deadline is August 28, 2017.

Details about the tender may be accessed on the website of the University of Jordan.