US Tracker Maker Further Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

GameChange Solar Announces Expansion To 35 GW Annual US Domestic Production For Key Components

US Tracker Maker Further Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

GCS says it will be able to enter long-term supply agreements for its trackers thanks to the increase in its US capacity. (Photo Credit: GameChange Solar)

  • GCS says it is increasing its annual solar manufacturing capacity in the US to 35 GW 
  • This will be an increase over the 24 GW it operated in the US at the end of the 2023, out of the 42 GW global capacity 
  • GCS customers will get 70% US-produced content as a standard, but it will be increased to 85% on request 

US-based solar tracker manufacturer GameChange Solar (GCS) has announced an expansion of its annual domestic manufacturing capacity for key components in the country to 35 GW. This is an increase over the 24 GW it had at the end of 2023. 

Including the company’s 24 GW US manufacturing capacity, it had a total global production capacity of 42 GW at the end of 2023. It commissioned a 2.5 GW solar tracker fab in Brazil in November 2023 (see US Solar Tracker Manufacturer Expands To Brazilian Market).  

The manufacturer said the US-produced content of its solar trackers will be 70% as a standard. The content will be 85% on request. It can incorporate over 85% domestic content for its Genius Trackers depending on customer requirements. 

GCS produces tracker parts, including torque tubes, posts, controllers, module mounting equipment such as purlins and SpeedClamps™, bearings, stamped parts, and other essential solar tracker components as part of its US manufacturing capacity. 

It says, “The standard domestic content percentage reaffirms the Company’s commitment to supporting domestic manufacturing and underscores its position as an industry leader in domestic capacity.” 

GCS added that the increase in its manufacturing capacity enables it to enter long-term supply agreements. 

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