Vikram Solar Launches 505W Solar Modules

Indian Solar Panel Maker Vikram Solar Introduces Series 6 Solar Modules Using 166mm Cells With 505W Power Output; Reserves 120-Cell Variant Only For US & Global Markets

Vikram Solar Launches 505W Solar Modules

After RenewSys launched its solar power modules with 505 W power output in October 2020, and now another Indian manufacturer Vikram Solar has launched its Series 6 modules using M6 wafer sized modules exceeding the 500 W level. (Photo Credit: Vikram Solar)

  • Vikram Solar has come out with its new module series using 166mm wafer format with a power output of 505W
  • These are available in 2 models, namely monofacial Somera Series 6 and bifacial Prexos Series 6 modules
  • It is offering 3 variants of 120, 144 and 156 half-cut cells in both models with 120 half-cut cells specifically for the US and international markets

Vikram Solar of India has launched a new solar module series calling it Series 6 with a power output of 505W based on M6 or 166mm wafer format and said these to have between 18.34% to 21.02% efficiency.
There are 2 models available under this series—both with multi busbar technology—as monofacial Somera Series 6 and bifacial Prexos Series 6. It is offering 3 variants of 120, 144 and 156 half-cut cells for both the models. The management stressed 120 half-cut cell is exclusively for the US and international markets.
Vikram Solar says the Somera Series 6 is also available as all black variant. As for bifacial Prexos Series 6 modules, the company has used ‘new upgraded material’ that offers ‘greater resistance to heat and is more durable in fluctuating temperatures’. The latter will also have near zero-potential induced degradation (PID) because of a PID resistant encapsulant, it added.
The manufacturer claims these modules have less land requirements thereby lowering overall costs.
“The new Series 6 is a game-changer for the global solar industry from an efficiency, power output, and cost-effectiveness perspective,” said Vikram Solar CEO Saibab Vutukuri. “Bringing down the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) is at the heart of designing and manufacturing the Series 6 modules. With this launch, we have further strengthened our product portfolio which caters to all customer segments.”
In October 2020, another Indian integrated solar PV manufacturer RenewSys launched its high output modules with 505W output using half-cut mono-PERC G1 solar cells based on 158.75mm wafer size (see 505W Solar Module Launched By India’s RenewSys).

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