• Solar PV beat wind power this time in the German joint tender for both the technologies with hardly any competition since all the bids received were for solar alone
  • Out of 514 MW capacity bid for as against 200 MW on offer, solar won 202.59 MW
  • Average winning bid was €0.0540 per kWh while winning bids ranged between €0.0488 per kWh and €0.0574 per kWh
  • Next technology specific tender round has been scheduled for December 1, 2019

Once again solar PV beat wind power technology in the joint tender for the two held by German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) as all the bids came in for solar alone and it took more than what was on offer.

The 200 MW joint tender for solar PV and wind power launched on November 1, 2019—the second such tender for the year 2019—was oversubscribed with 103 bids coming in entirely for solar representing 514.015 MW capacity. The agency selected 37 bids to award 202.59 MW capacity spread across eight federal states:

  • Bavaria – 76.12 MW
  • Rheinland-Pfalz- 34 MW
  • Schleswig-Holstein – 5 MW
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – 20 MW
  • Baden-Württemberg – 15 MW
  • Sachsen-Anhalt – 5 MW
  • Brandenburg – 7.25 MW
  • Hessen – 1.1 MW

Bundesnetzagentur received the lowest winning bid at €0.0488 per kWh and the highest being €0.0574 per kWh. The average winning bid was €0.0540 per kWh, which the agency pointed out was slightly down from the last round in April when the average bid level was found to be €0.0566 per kWh (see Once More Solar Rules In German Tender).

This tender’s average is still above the €0.0490 per kWh it saw for the fourth pure solar PV auction of the current year (see Germany Awards 153 MW Under 4th PV Auction Of 2019).

Some of the winning companies in the joint solar and wind tender are Enerparc, EnBW, IBC Solar, juwi, among others. The list of winners can be viewed on the agency’s website.

Bundesnetzagentur said it will be launching the next technology specific tender for onshore wind and solar PV plants on December 1, 2019.

Since April 2018, the agency has held four joint solar and wind power auctions.