World’s ‘Highest’ Commercial Solar Module Efficiency

Maxeon Solar Technologies Installs Next Generation IBC Solar Panels With 24.1% Efficiency

World’s ‘Highest’ Commercial Solar Module Efficiency

Maxeon has claimed 24.1% commercial efficiency for its IBC panels. Pictured here is the first installation of these modules in Spain. (Photo Credit: Maxeon Solar Technologies)

  • Maxeon has declared 24.1% commercial solar module efficiency for its SunPower Maxeon 7 panels 
  • Equipped with 112 monocrystalline Maxeon Gen 7 IBC cells, these panels are aimed for the residential segment 
  • It has also installed these panels for a customer in Spain since December 2023 
  • The manufacturer plans to make these panels fully commercially available in Q3/2024
  • Currently, these are available to Maxeon’s select partners within Europe 

Maxeon Solar Technologies has announced the world’s ‘highest’ conversion rate efficiency for commercial solar panels, calling it an industry benchmark, with up to 24.1%. These panels have been in operation in Spain since the end of December 2023 as the company’s maiden installation of these panels. 

The Spanish installation with SunPower Maxeon 7 panels was carried out by the company’s partner Lidera Energía in Granada for a customer with a very high level of energy consumption. 

The manufacturer has claimed this feat for its next-generation Maxeon Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar panels, branded as SunPower Maxeon 7. The 3 variations it offers for these modules lead to a power output of 435 W, 440 W and 445 W with panel efficiencies of 23.5%, 23.8% and 24.1%, respectively. 

These modules use 112 monocrystalline Maxeon Gen 7 cells and tempered anti-reflective glass of 3.2 mm, along with a power temperature coefficient of -0.27%/°C. 

With a white backsheet and a black frame, Maxeon has positioned these modules for the residential segment. It offers 40-year product and power coverage. 

This installation features our latest flagship IBC product and once again establishes a new performance standard for the entire solar industry,” said Maxeon CEO Bill Mulligan. 

By the looks of it, Maxeon is most likely to take the lead in the TaiyangNews TOP MODULES listing, while Aiko has been at the top from June 2023 with a module of 24% efficiency that is also based on the IBC cell architecture (see Top Solar Modules Listing—January 2024). 

The company says its Maxeon 7 cells use a unique and patented design that eliminates the hotspot risk from cell cracking and heat buildup under shaded conditions. This limits the maximum yearly power degradation to 0.25%, which enables the company to offer a power warranty of 40 years, the longest tenure in the industry. 

In contrast, other PV technologies, even competing ‘back contact’ architectures, rely on small diodes in the junction box to mitigate cell heating. If these diodes fail, or if individual cells are shaded or cracked, cells can reach hazardous temperatures resulting in irreparable panel damage and unsafe rooftop conditions,” it explains. 

Currently available for select partners of the manufacturer in Europe, Maxeon plans to make these fully commercially available in Q3/2024. 

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