Bringing their respective technologies to the table, 2 South Korean technology players have struck a new strategic partnership, aiming to deliver what they term zero energy home solutions, translating into energy self-sufficient homes, with the use of active technology that produces solar energy, and passive technology in the form of using devices that minimize energy losses.
Samsung Electronics will use its SmartThings Energy technology, connecting it to Q Cells’ solar modules, energy storage systems (ESS) and home energy management system Q.ONNECT, for homeowners to monitor through its SmartThings Internet of Things (IoT) platform.
They explain, this will enable homeowners collect and manage all data on energy generation, storage, and total usage in real time. Users will be able to produce and store their own energy while automatically optimizing energy consumption in their home appliances and heat pumps.
Using SmartThings IoT platform, users will be able be switch home appliances to energy-savings mode when there isn’t enough sunlight. This way, the partners explain, a home can become energy self-sufficient and lower its energy consumption through utilization of more efficient devices.
Samsung Electronics stressed that to use SmartThings platform, any future IoT electronic devices need not be from Samsung Electronics.
Initially, the 2 companies plan to launch this cooperation in advanced markets of Europe and the US, and later on expanding it globally. They will also set up demonstration projects locally and internationally.