Seasons Greetings from TaiyangNews

06:40 PM (Beijing Time) - 24. December 2020

Dear TaiyangNews Readers,

As a very challenging year 2020 draws to a close, we at TaiyangNews are looking forward to a much more pleasant 2021 that hopefully brings many more positive surprises, like we have seen in the solar sector, which, unlike many other industries, has proved to be strongly resilient due to its versatility and its cost competitiveness in many markets around the world.

We take this opportunity to thank you for being our companions on this journey of solar PV technology making a positive difference to the world we live in. 

We wish you good health, peace, a joyful time with family and friends, and a well-deserved pause to recharge during the year-end holidays season.

If you haven’t had enough from solar over the course of the year – and want to get more insights on the latest technology updates, we recommend taking a look at:

  •   our 500 W+ Solar Modules Report, which presents the changes in wafer, cell and module manufacturing needed to assemble very large-scale solar panels, including product features of the pioneering companies in this new module segment.
  • the recordings of our recent High Efficient Solar Technology Conference, where leaders from research, production equipment and materials supply as well as cell/module manufacturing presented and discussed all commercial high-efficient cell/module technologies – from new incumbent PERC (with focus on the M10/182mm variety), Passivated Contacts (TopCon) to Heterojunction (HJT) and Back Contact Cells (IBC), with an outlook to silicon based tandem technologies.

Our next TaiyangNews Letter will be back in your inbox on January 4, 2021.

Please save the date and register for our January 27-28, 2021 2-day Advanced Solar Modules For Rooftop & Utility Scale Applications conference from 14.00-17.00 CET. #AdvancedSolarModules.

Till then, happy holidays!


Yours TaiyangNews Team


TaiyangNews Staff

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