Sep. 30, 2023: Advanced Solar Module Applications 2023

TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Advanced Solar Module Applications – from Agrivoltaics to Floating Solar and Building-Integrated PV

Sep. 30, 2023: Advanced Solar Module Applications 2023

The field of applications for solar is quickly growing, What was new yesterday, might be an emerging segment today, and really big tomorrow. The segment of floating has developed rapidly into a significant market – and solar module applied need to have different characteristics than panels applied on power plants in the desert. Though still smaller, the field of agricultural photovoltaics (agri solar) has enormous untapped potential, and the opportunities for building integrated solar seem endless in the long run.

In our Advanced Solar Module Applications virtual conference on Sept. 26, we had leading stakeholders from module manufacturing, research, and deployment discussing the latest developments in this solar segment.

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