Aerocompact’s New Racking System For Bifacial Panels

Austrian Racking Solutions Company Launches Flat Roof System For Bifacial Modules & Green Roofs

Aerocompact’s New Racking System For Bifacial Panels

Aerocompact has launched its CompactFLAT GS product line for bifacial modules that are growing in popularity as well as for green roofs. (Photo Credit: Aercompact)

  • Aerocompact’s CompactFLAT GS is a new racking solution trained to serve bifacial modules and green roofs
  • It has products in the series that offer tilt angles of both 10º for east/west orientation and 15º with a south orientation
  • With a distance to the roof surface of around 40 cms, its product allows green roofs to get enough light for the plants as well, the company claims

Solar PV racking solutions provider, Austria’s Aerocompact has launched a new flat roof racking system called CompactFLAT GS specifically to mount bifacial ‘active’ PV modules or solar systems on green roofs.

This racking system is suitable for installation of framed modules on foil and bitumen roofs which can be with or without thermal insulation under the roof sealing. Same can be used for concrete and gravel roofs as well.

Under this CompactFLAT GS series, the GS10PLUS has a tilt angle of 10º for east/west orientation, while the GS15 comes with a tilt angle of 15º with a south orientation. With south orientation, there is no need for a wind deflector that prevents the reflection of light.

Talking about having a differentiated product for bifacial modules, Aerocompact’s Product Manager Philipp Pejcl said, “Bifacial modules are replacing traditional foil modules more and more. The high elevation of our new system improves reflection and ensures higher yields.”

It also pitches the product for green roofs touting that the new racking system has a distance to the roof surface of around 40 cms. Aerocompact’s Head of Development Markus Burger explained that with this the plants can get enough light and can be maintained without any difficulty.

Saying that the product is easy to install with few components and does not require long rails, it provides 25-year warranty on the system.

In July 2022, Aerocompact announced a new management board with Dirk Morbitzer as the group CEO (see Aerocompact Gets A New Management Board).

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