AIKO Solar Launches Next Gen All Back Contact Modules

Chinese Company Implements Innovative Partial Shading Optimization For GEN 2 Back Contact Panels

AIKO Solar Launches Next Gen All Back Contact Modules

AIKO launched its GEN 2 n-type ABC solar modules at the recent Key Energy Trade Fair in Italy. (Photo Credit: AIKO Solar)

  • AIKO has expanded its current ABC solar module series with the 2nd generation  
  • These come with an innovative partial shading optimization function that it claims will revolutionize the industry 
  • The new modules for residential, C&I and utility-scale segments offer efficiencies ranging between 23.6% and 23.9% 

AIKO Solar recently unveiled a new range of n-type all back contact (ABC) solar modules, expanding its Neostar, Comet and Stellar series. It says these GEN 2 panels feature an innovative partial shading optimization function that maximize energy production even in challenging shading conditions. 

These conditions can vary from shading caused by trees, leaves, chimneys, bird droppings, soiling and snow, etc. AIKO claims that according to a TÜV Nord test with only one solar cell fully shaded, ABC modules can generate 30% more power compared to traditional technology. 

SolarLab AIKO Europe’s Managing Director Christian Peter says, “This breakthrough in partial shading performance is poised to revolutionize the solar industry.” 

Catering to all application segments, these 2nd generation modules have a temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C, less performance degradation (≤ 1% in 1st year degradation, ≤ 0.35% annual degradation from year 2-30) and improved micro-crack resistance. 

The manufacturer also says these have a high temperature restriction, thus ensuring lower module temperature and reduced fire risk. It launched the modules at the Key Energy Trade Fair in Italy recently. 

Its Neostar modules for the residential segment come in a power range of 440 W to 470 W, available in both 2N/2P/2S mono configuration and dual-glass (2S+) versions. AIKO claims a high efficiency of up to 23.6% for these panels that have a dimension of 1757 x 1134 mm, covering a compact module area of <2m². 

The Comet series is suitable for the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment with power ratings ranging from 600 W to 630 W and module efficiency of up to 23.9%. 

For the utility scale, AIKO has expanded its Stellar series with second generation modules offering up to 23.7% efficiency and 620 W to 640 W power rating. The manufacturer claims it can be used for floating and tidal flat applications as well with a waterproof package that has water resistance encapsulation, anti-corrosion frames and waterproof caps.  

AIKO had launched its Stellar series for the utility segment in December 2023 with 23.7% efficiency (see AIKO Solar Launches Its First Bifacial Back-Contact Cell Modules). 

The Chinese manufacturer leads the TaiyangNews Top Solar Modules Listing with an industry leading module efficiency of 24%. It recently announced a certified module efficiency of 25.15% for its ABC modules (see Aiko Solar Announces New World Record Efficiency). 

It recently also announced plans to invest in 10 GW ABC cell and module manufacturing capacity each, in China’s Jinan for a RMB 9.8 billion investment (see China Solar PV News Snippets). 

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