Aug. 31, 2021: Reliable PV Module Design Conference

TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Reliable Module Design 2021

Aug. 31, 2021: Reliable PV Module Design Conference

Strong innovations in the solar panel field have led to a significant jump in performance and module efficiencies. With many of these advanced technologies being introduced on a multi-GW scale in a very short period of time – that is also characterized by massive processing material shortages, it is highly important to keep a close eye on Reliable PV Module Design and manufacturing to deliver sustainable and high-quality products that can generate low-cost solar power for 30 years and more.

TaiyangNews brings together key stakeholders active in the various parts of module manufacturing to discuss reliability of the heart of a solar system in our 2nd Reliable PV Module Design Conference, where we also presented an overview of our upcoming Backsheet & Module Encapsulation Market Survey 2021.

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