India Added 3GW+ Solar Capacity In Q1 CY2022

Mercom India: India’s Cumulative Installed Solar Capacity Till March 2022 Reached 52 GW

India Added 3GW+ Solar Capacity In Q1 CY2022

According to Mercom India, 2022 should see a significant increase in solar installations but believes the Supreme Court’s ruling on power transmission lines and its implementation to protect GIB is crucial to have record solar deployment this year. (Source: Mercom India Research)

  • Mercom India counts India’s total installed solar power capacity to have 52 GW at the end of March 2022
  • It includes over 3 GW added in Q1 CY2022 with large scale solar contributing around 2.7 GW
  • Solar developers imported as much as 10 GW modules before the April 1, 2022 BCD deadline

With the addition of 2.7 GW large scale solar, Indian solar installations during 1st quarter of calendar year (CY) 2022 added up to over 3 GW, according to Mercom India Research.

This represents a 21% increase over 2.6 GW the market was worth in Q4/2021, and on annual basis installations went up 50% from 2 GW installed in Q1/2021 (see 10 GW New Solar Installed In India In 2021).

In its Q1 2022 India Solar Market Update, Mercom said that large scale solar accounted for 86% of the total capacity added during the reporting quarter, while rooftop solar made up for the remaining 14%. With over 3 GW capacity, solar accounted for the largest increase in total power capacity of 4.6 GW India installed during the period.

Rajasthan led installations in the quarter accounting for 52% of the total capacity, followed by Gujarat with 18% and Karnataka with 6%. Stating solar installations in 2022 to exceed 10 GW the country deployed in 2021, Mercom Capital Group CEO Raj Prabhu said, “The uncertainty around the Great Indian Bustard case in Rajasthan is the only issue standing in the way of 2022 being another record year for solar installations. Everything depends on the Supreme Court ruling and how quickly it is resolved. A little push from the government can help India surpass the 60 GW large-scale solar installation target set for 2022, which will be a great achievement.”

For the background, the Supreme Court of India has directed power transmission lines in Rajasthan and Gujarat to go underground and have bird diverters installed for existing power lines to protect endangered Great Indian Bustard (GIB). Wildlife conservationists claim these birds are under threat from high-tension power lines more of which will be laid down for more wind farms and solar parks to come.

The analysts also point out at the significant increase in solar module imports as developers procured close to 10 GW of solar modules before the April 1, 2022 deadline of Basic Customs Duty (BCD) on imported cells and modules.

As per Mercom, India’s total installed solar power capacity at the end of March 2022 reached 52 GW, with another utility scale project development pipeline of more than 54 GW. Mercom also counts 33 GW projects waiting to be tendered.

The complete report from Mercom India can be purchased from its website.

Under the country’s National Solar Mission (NSM), the government is aiming for 100 GW aggregate installed solar capacity by December 2022 comprising 60 GW large scale and 40 GW rooftop solar.

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