Rooftop Solar Joint Venture Debuts in Switzerland

Swiss Renewable Energy Player Aventron Launches Rooftop Solar PV Focused Joint Venture With Real Estate Company HIAG In Switzerland

Rooftop Solar Joint Venture Debuts in Switzerland

At a time when the Swiss Federal Council is making efforts to encourage adoption of rooftop solar in the country, Aventron and HIAG have entered the space with a 51:49 joint venture. (Photo Credit: HIAG Immobilien Holding AG)

  • Aventron and HIAG have announced a new solar PV joint venture for Switzerland market
  • HIAG Solar AG aims to start with 10 MW of capacity target utilizing around 65,000 m² of rooftop area available with HIAG
  • An initial portfolio of 4 projects is at planning stage currently and designed to come online in 2021 and 2022

A new rooftop solar PV focused joint venture has been announced in Switzerland aiming to set up around 10 MW of capacity to start with. The partners are renewable energy producer Aventron and real estate company HIAG Immobilien Holding AG.

The new entity HIAG Solar AG aims to use around 65,000 m² of rooftop area available on the properties of HIAG to deploy solar modules targeting close to 10 million kWh (10 GWh) of electricity production annually. According to HIAG, 4 initial solar power plants are of unidentified capacity are already in the planning stage and expected to start generating solar power in 2021 and 2022.

Aventron will plan, implement and operate the solar arrays under the partnership as 51% stakeholder in the joint venture, while remaining 49% will be owned by HIAG.

“The existing and the planned properties in the HIAG portfolio are predestined for a systematic expansion with photovoltaic systems,” said Managing Director of HIAG of HIAG’s sustainability strategy, Marco Feusi.

The partners want HIAG Solar to become a major solar power producer in the country in the medium term and gradually expand its capacity.

The new rooftop solar JV has been launched at an opportune time as in November 2020 the Swiss Federal Council raised rebates for small sized rooftop PV projects of up to 30 kW in size to encourage adoption of rooftop solar in the country (see Rebates Raised For PV Systems Up To 30 kW In Switzerland).

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