Wacker: Silicon Metal Production Expansion Plans

Germany’s Wacker Chemie Planning To Expand Silicon Metal Production Capacity In Norway

Wacker: Silicon Metal Production Expansion Plans

With an aim to meet global demand for silicone and hyperpure polysilicon and to enhance its supply security, Wacker is contemplating expanding its silicon metal production capacity in Holla, Norway (in the picture). (Photo Credit: Wacker Chemie AG)

  • Wacker is starting a feasibility study to undertake expansion of its silicon melting capacity at Norway’s Holla location
  • The expansion will help it expand the onsite capacity by around 50% by 2025 to produce silicon metal which is used for silicone and hyperpure polysilicon
  • It will also plan further expansion on site after the proposed expansion comes online before the end of 2025
  • Wacker says this would help it become more independent of price fluctuations on raw material markets

German chemicals producer Wacker Chemie is conducting a feasibility study to start a new silicon melting furnace at its Norwegian site to expand its onsite silicon metal production capacity by around 50% which is used to roll out silicone and hyperpure polysilicon.

On the basis of the results of the feasibility study, the Holla location will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology for energy efficient and sustainable production, said the polysilicon supplier to the solar PV and semiconductor industries.

“In order to meet the high customer demand for our silicone specialties and our high-quality polysilicon, we need to ensure that we have sufficient amounts of silicon metal available at all times,” explained Wacker CEO Christian Hartel. “By expanding our captive production, we will become more independent of price fluctuations on raw material markets and enhance our supply security, both during times of peak demand and if problems arise in relation to restrictions in global supply chains.”

Wacker expects the new furnace to be completed before the end of 2025 with plans for further expansion which Hartel said will be aligned with its strategic growth.

The German company has of late seen its polysilicon sales improve with the growth in demand for solar PV globally. With the growing clamor for Made in Europe and local solar supply chain and discussions on supply chain transparency, tier I Chinese module maker JinkoSolar placed an order for 70,000 ton polysilicon from Wacker to be manufactured by the latter at its US and German sites (see JinkoSolar Wants 70,000 Ton Polysilicon From Wacker).

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