Too Many Changes At the Same Time

TaiyangNews Talked to 2 Executives of DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions – Mark Ma, Global Marketing Manager, & Kaushik Roy Choudhury, Technical Manager Global PV Reliability – on Solar Module Reliability

TaiyangNews talked to two executives of DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions – Mark Ma and Kaushik Roy Choudhury on various topics including reliability concerns with larger modules, experiences from field reliability to tests and benefits of transparent backsheet based bifacial modules.

Innovation in Module Backsheets & Encapsulation

TaiyangNews First Combined Market Survey on Solar Backsheets & Encapsulation Shows New Products & Trends That Have Convinced Module Makers to Offer 30 Year Performance Warranties

Loads of innovation in backsheets & encapsulation products for solar modules, such as applying grid backsheets: In order not to waste the light that hits empty spaces between the cells in a bifacial module, Hangzhou First and others are applying reflective material that mimics the role of white EVA in a standard monofacial module.

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